College of Business Goals and Strategies

Goal # 1: 
Deliver Academic Programs that Impact Student Learning, Engagement, and Opportunity

The College of Business at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi provides high-quality programs in business administration and accountancy consistent with the College Mission.
Specific strategies to achieve the goal include:
  1. Design, develop, and launch innovative market-driven academic programs that enhance student opportunity.
  2. Strengthen students’ knowledge and awareness of ethical obligations.
  3. Integrate the learning and teaching concepts, methods, and delivery platforms that produce a successful learning organization.
  4. Refine course offerings to better serve student needs and leverage College of Business resources.
  5. Expand opportunities for student engagement and development

Goal # 2:
Generate Impactful Faculty Intellectual Contributions

The College of Business faculty are passionate about producing a College portfolio of intellectual contributions that impact learning and pedagogy and applied knowledge in the disciplines, professions, and community.
Specific strategies to achieve the goal include:
  1. Build a culture that supports the University’s emerging research institution aspirations.
  2. Deploy College resources to support faculty scholarly activity.
  3. Recruit faculty with potential to make meaningful contributions to the College’s portfolio of intellectual contributions.

Goal # 3:
Recruit and Retain High-Quality Students

The College of Business optimizes the student’s experience, both academically and professionally, through resource allocation, high-quality instruction, and faculty mentoring to allow students to complete their degrees prepared for employment upon graduation.
Specific strategies to achieve the goal include:
  1. Utilize scholarships to attract and retain high achieving students.
  2. Engage students in meaningful activities.
  3. Support student organizations that enhance professional development, support of the community, and enhance leadership skills.
  4. Provide students with quality and accurate advising.

Goal # 4: 
Foster Regional Economic Development and Community Engagement

The College of Business leverages its resources and capabilities to improve the economic development of the community.
Specific strategies to achieve the goal include:
  1. Support regional economic development through the South Texas Economic Development Center.
  2. Facilitate business development through the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center.
  3. Deliver management education programs to meet the needs of public and private organizations.
  4. Support student new venture development through collaboration with the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center.